Research and publications

Global Scientific Trachoma Report (4th)
World Health Organization
WHO 2019

A global strategy to eliminate yellow fever epidemics (EYE) 2017–2026
World Health Organization
WHO 2018

Global vector control response 2017-2030
World Health Organization
WHO 2018

Guideline: mass drug administration regimens to eliminate lymphatic filariasis
World Health Organization
WHO 2017

Diseases that neglect no goals
Fitzpatrick C, Bangert M, Engels D
Nature 2016:535(493)

Reduced prevalence of soil-transmitted helminthiases worldwide: sustaining control to reap the benefits
Bangert M, Mupfasoni D
On Health. BioMed Central Blog Network October 2019

Impact beyond the neglected
Bangert M
On Health. BioMed Central Blog Network April 2017

UC Lyon (France) ESTBB MSc Biotechnology
Epidemiology module 2021-Present

Unversidad de Alcala (Spain) MSc Microbiology
Epidemiology and bioinformatics module 2014-2015

Young & VITAL
IMI VITAL Consortium April 2022

Der programmierte Tod: Kampf gegen Epidemien
DER SPIEGEL Wissenschaft Julia Merlot 31 März 2018

Infectious Thoughts
The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases Marianne Comparet April 2017